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Terms of Use

These are Choose Life’s terms of use. These terms of use are referred to as terms in this document. We offer free, non-professional, volunteer-based Christian programs to help others. Our organization's programs, outreaches, chats, and meetings will be referred to as services. Choose Life is referred to as the organization.

People who visit our site or our life groups are called seekers or users. Users of our service, our online website, and our life groups are required to follow these terms of use. Users must also use our services in accordance with these terms.

How These Terms are Used

This agreement, expressed by these terms apply to all the relationships between users and our organization. In the case that our organization or staff members or volunteers are harmed by a user’s action violating our terms of use, performing any illegal activity, or performing any fraudulent procedure, Choose Life may demand compensation for damages from that user.

Usage of Devices in or with Choose Life’s Meetings or Services

Users are responsible to manage their own data on their own devices in accordance with this policy. While most personal identifying information is not shared with us by default, some data such as cookies and IP addresses are retained to match users' devices with their conversations. Users, by using this site and services agree to these and other reasonable uses of data to provide consistent service to users. Doing things such as remembering which Choose Life chat belongs to which user.

Users are prohibited from sharing information gained or shared on this site with third parties in any circumstance. Data about or from our services is solely intended for the user and cannot be shared with third parties in any case.

Devices used to communicate with us, or the identifiable user credentials such as IP addresses or device identifying details, or cookies used in our services must never be shared with third parties. These identifiable pieces of digital information will be used to tell if a user is using our services.

Choose Life shall not be responsible for any damages caused by a third party using a user's device or user information. If another party utilizes the user's device or user information, with or without that user's permission, Choose Life shall not be responsible for any of those potential or actualized damages.

Fees and Payments

Services offered by Choose Life are free. Life Groups and Chats are free services. At the present time, there are no paid services offered or provided.

Users are completely responsible to furnish and pay for everything required to access our sites, join our chats, or attend our meetings. The user is responsible to pay for any internet fees, device fees, mobile carrier fees, etc to use our services. In the event train tickets are required to attend Life Groups, the user will also pay the full cost for those transportation tickets, car fees, fuel expenditures, etc.

Choose Life is not responsible for any costs associated with using this site or any services.

Unacceptable Behavior

Users are prohibited from engaging in any of the following or similar acts when using any of our services or interacting with any of our staff or volunteers in any circumstance:

Any action that is illegal or seeks to harm public safety
Any action that is criminal, organized, or otherwise.
Any form of network or cyberattack to disrupt our services, our servers, other users of the services, or to harm third parties
Any action that inhibits the normal operation of services, or prevents us from helping other users.
Any action that seeks to harvest personal data about volunteers or other users
Any unauthorized access to our systems internal or external
Any user who has been blocked that is continuing to submit chat requests, posting on our site, or attending our meetings.
Any user which attempts to impersonate another person, volunteer, user, or personality
Any action that provides benefits that aid anti-social groups or forces related to the services of Choose Life
Any action which would infringe on Choose Life’s intellectual property, copyrights, or privacy.
Copying of our data, designs, or services is strictly prohibited.

Making any explicit or sexual references in speech or text or otherwise will not be permitted through the use of our services.
Making any violent or graphic reference in speech, text, or otherwise will not be permitted through the use of our services.

Sales, advertising, or any form of commercial activity is prohibited through our services.

Offensive, racist, or discriminatory language towards races, nationalities, genders, social statuses, religious affiliation, or families of origin will not be permitted.

Choose Life reserves the right to reject anything that our organization considers damaging to the brand, our intellectual property, other users, or volunteers as a reason to suspend a particular user from using the services at any time.

Provision of Services

Choose Life reserves the right to offer or suspend any or all of the services at any time for any reason that Choose Life deems it fitting with no prior notice or warning to existing users. Choose Life does not guarantee any uptime, or availability for its services.

Choose Life reserves the right to follow Christian morals and ethics, and speak about Jesus, the Bible, or Christianity at any time for any reason in any of our services.

Users waive the right to claim any kind of damages on the basis of the religious offense or religious bias, as the user acknowledges by using this site this is a Christian service acting in the interest of the Christian church.

Services may be suspended for the following reasons:

In any natural disaster, or major worldwide event that would make it reasonable to suspend services.

During any technical or design update to the website.

If the leadership, groups, or volunteers decide to take a break or time off for any reason that Choose Life deems fit.

In the event, there is any network trouble on either Choose Life’s end or the user’s end.

If it becomes impossible or overly costly to provide the services, they may be suspended

Choose Life is not responsible for damages in the event services are not provided, are suspended, or stopped for any reason. By using this site and the services, users agree to abide by the fact that they cannot hold the organization liable for any suspension or stoppage of services.

Intellectual Property

Choose Life respects other organization's copyrights and intellectual property.

Users are free to upload text, videos, pictures, etc. that they own or have explicit permission to use from the organization that holds that copyright. The respective owners hold those rights. Just as Choose Life holds our own property.

Choose Life reserves the right to use, share, reproduce, and edit anything shared or posted by a user on our site or in our life groups that is not already copyrighted by another organization. These chats and related information may be used for quality improvement, internal training, record-keeping, or after being anonymized may be used for advertising or fundraising purposes.

By using this site and our services the user agrees to the above provisions. Additionally, the user agrees that they are forbidden from posting information, chats, and other information provided from this site or these services anywhere else.

Information received from chats, given from volunteers, or seen on the webpage cannot be shared or reproduced anywhere else. Users who post, print, or reproduce these conversations and information gained from our services anywhere other than Choose Life and Life Groups are forbidden to do so.

Termination and Restriction of Use

Choose Life reserves the right to block any user from any service for any reason it deems fit at any time.

Choose Life also reserves the right to keep or delete posted data or shared information with any of its services for any reason at any time.

If a user violates this agreement Choose Life reserves the right to terminate and suspend a user's use, indefinitely. Choose Life also reserves the right to keep or delete the user's previously shared data with Choose Life in any case Choose Life's team deems fit.

In the event, a user is denied access or denied services according to these policies the organization shall not be held responsible for any damages caused to a user.

Disclaimer on Warranties and Liabilities

Choose Life makes absolutely no warranties. There are no implied or express warranties with the services provided or shared.

Choose Life does not at all warrant that the website is free from defects. Defects such as safety defects, reliability, accuracy, completeness, etc may exist. Users, by using this site and / or services waive all rights to claim a warranty or defect or damages due to their reception or non-reception of service.

Users use Choose Life and its services completely at their own risk.

The organization shall not be held liable for damages caused by services offered or by services being suspended.

Change of Terms and Services

Choose Life reserves the right to change the contents of the terms, add terms, add services, discontinue service, or discontinue services without any notice to the users. This organization additionally cannot be held responsible for any damages that occur due to these changes.

Users that use our service after the terms have been updated will be agreeing to our new terms by continuing or starting to use the site or services.

Users may only use the service with the consent of the organization.

Any rights or obligations under this agreement are non-transferable to any third party without the prior written consent of our organization.

Personal Information

For details about how personal information is handled, users can consult the Privacy Policy at any time. The organization handles information according to the Privacy Policy.


In the event that any dispute arises between a user and the organization, these terms of use and the privacy policy will be governed by the laws and statutes of Japan.

Also in the event of any dispute between a user and the organization, the user by using our site and services agrees to have disagreements settled by third-party arbitration in the location of the headquarters of Choose Life in Japan. Users forego the right to a court trial and will have disputes settled solely by third party arbitration.

In the event that arbitration is legally impossible for a case in Japan, the court having jurisdiction over the location of the head office of Choose Life shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


For any questions or concerns about these terms please contact us through the chat platform contained on our website, or at chooselifejp@gmail.com

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