Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Choose Life is a volunteer-staffed organization offering services including but not limited to, free non-professional chat and coaching on this website and in-person. Choose Life will be called the organization. Our chat services and life groups will be referred to as services. Users are anyone who visits our website or our Life Groups, they will be referred to as users.

Personal Information

Choose Life uses very limited personal information, but does collects data and information as needed to provide services.

To Choose Life and for these services, personal information includes but is not limited to: information about an individual that can be used to identify a person by name, birthdate, address, phone number, descriptions given in their entered information, and contact details.

Personal information also includes unique data like fingerprints, appearance descriptions, photographs, voice recordings, and health insurance numbers.

Choose Life does not collect all these kinds of Personal Information, but some is collected as Choose Life deems necessary.

Collecting Personal Information and Cookies

Choose Life collects information given freely and voluntarily by the user, and if applicable, collects information shared with the volunteers. This information is collected lawfully and collected to help Choose Life provide services. Use of this site acts as the user’s consent to have some personal information collected. Please consult the next sections to understand the purpose of this collection.

Choose Life uses data such as cookies, IP addresses, anonymized random names to identify users initially. Cookies are bits of data held on the user’s internet browser over time to provide a better experience while remembering the bare minimum of a user's information. To keep things like chat history over time for Choose Life, users agree to the use of cookies and tracking of their IP addresses. Additionally, users agree to any and all collection of data through Google’s services such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. Users also agree to provide all data that is collected by the chat interface Intercom on behalf of Choose Life Choose Life also collects some personalized information available to certain third-party service providers. Choose Life uses some third parties to provide its services. Users agree to the use of these third parties and their collecting of data by continuing to use the site and engage in chats. information collected by Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Intercom, and are all permitted by the user on the basis of using our website.

Choose Life reserves the right to add or subtract any of these third-party services to collect data at any time, as reflected by the privacy policy.

Choose Life will also use the information entered in the chat interface such as email and nicknames, additionally addresses or phone numbers to intervene if the situation dictates that a user is in imminent danger or distress.

Personal Information Security

Choose Life will take reasonable measures internally and externally to keep users' personal information private. We care about our users, their stories, and their data. We take reasonable web safety measures, and staff training to support this. However, in an unforeseen event such as volunteer misconduct, malicious hacking attempts, or other illegal means compromising our site information we cannot guarantee that personal information will not be completely secure in any case.

Purposes for Collection of Personal Information

Choose Life collects personal information for the following reasons:

To collect data providing Choose Life with insights on things such as the location of IP address, the type of visitor on our site, their demographics such as age and gender where possible.

To provide non-professional services to users, including chats

To identify any malicious agents or users, seeking to harm the site’s volunteers or security so that Choose Life can take appropriate action to stop the improper, malicious or improper use.

To give volunteers and users information about previous conversations to make better decisions and provide better services to users.

To more thoroughly use or anonymize the data for internal or external reports, analysis of efficacy, publicity, or advertising.

Choose Life reserves the right to collect personal information that allows, assists, or enables these previously listed reasons.

Change of Purpose of Use

Choose Life values users, volunteers, and their information working hard to maintain high standards. Choose Life retains the right to change or amend these purposes of use at any time for any reason. By using our website the user agrees to the existing and changed terms.

Personal Information and Third Parties

Choose Life uses and shares limited information with third-party services to enable effective chats and help provide services. Whenever possible this information is anonymized and identifiable information is erased. These online services include Intercom, Echo Global, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Ads. By using this site, the user agrees and approves any collection and use of the limited personal information collected by these services on behalf of Choose Life.
By using this site the user also agrees to the use of data provided by the above-listed services and their respective privacy policies and terms of use.

Choose Life will share information with third parties if:

It is required to protect a user's or volunteer’s property, life, or health.

If it is required by law to share or information is officially requested by official government authorities and agencies.

Choose Life reserves the right to consider its volunteers as first parties, and not first parties. Along with Paz Church Japan Leadership (the sponsoring church organization's leadership), these individuals will not be considered third parties and can access Choose Life data.

Choose Life reserves the right to keep all user data given in and through chats and on this site to protect volunteers from slander, verbal abuse, and malicious behavior.

To keep records of malicious and offensive actors, as decided by Choose Life the organization, Choose Life will keep chats reasonably safely, and securely. Choose Life reserves the right to deny a request to delete any chats or related personal information. Users using this site agree that their information will be securely kept with Choose Life. In the event of a governmental request to remove any data, however, Choose Life will quickly comply.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The contents and scope of this policy may be changed without notice to the user. Any revised policy shall become effective immediately after being posted to the website.


For any questions or concerns about this privacy policy please contact us through the chat platform contained on our website, or at

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